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Fashions which Walk off the Shelves

When we think of the fashions that might walk off the shelves we might think of popular fashions or we might think of shoes. Well, in this article we shall talk about the latter and which shoe fashions are tending at the moment, in our opinion.


Female Fashions

Here we have a choice of thick-chained mules, cushioned flip-flops, heeled loafers, or super strappy sandals.

Thick chains will be for a bold look, and then the idea of the mule is to have a closed toe yet open back. It is a way of avoiding stubbing your toe or needing to paint them so frequently, while, at the same time, receiving a good deal of heel-swirling ventilation from behind when there is a cooling wind blowing from behind during the warmer months.

Flip-flops are considered not just popular beachwear because they appear in other situations where a more casual look is required. They make everyone think of summer. To have them cushioned is to bring them into more general usage and allow them to be worn for longer periods. There is, however, an art to walking in flip-flops. You need to always put your best foot forward as walking in a backward direction will mean that you will tend to lose them. This may not always be in the most convenient of places.

Loafers are shoes that do not have laces, so can be easily slipped on and off at will. This makes them ideal for those who like to feel the earth beneath their feet at every opportunity. The heels on the loafers provide some height in crowded situations, which would be lost if you slipped them off.

Super strappy sandals have no practical use beyond adding visual sophistication to both feet. It appears that they will be difficult to remove when they in fact aren’t. As with all sandals, they provide plenty of ventilation to the feet in the warmer months.


Male Fashions

In terms of male fashions, things perhaps do not change all that much compared with female fashions, with styles that never fail to compromise on comfort or practicality.

For a man, it is a choice between lace-up and loafer, as always. It can make getting ready for work that little bit quicker with a loafer and also have a man trend more in the fashion stakes. However, for formality, the lace-up shoe remains king.

Oxford brogues are considered a formal shoe for perhaps an office-based working environment in the city or occasions such as weddings. Oxford refers to the shoe being closely laced, tighter, and so formal in appearance, whereas the brogue side of things relates to the decorative perforations that feature on the toe cap of the shoe. This contributes to an all-together more impressive shoe aesthetically. They have the dual benefit of being a shoe that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions because of the formality of the design and the extra decoration that gives them such a trendy look.


Shoe Colours Trending

The colours that are trending in clothes also tend to trend in shoes, too. The colour combinations may be achieved as a result of the combination of outfits and shoes combined. Few people dye their shoes anymore, so shoes will be sought to either blend in or contrast with outfits. This means you need brands such as kaanas and others like it, which are able to offer a range of different shoes in a variety of colours.

Deep jewel shades are being chosen as clothes this year, so to match this a colourful shoe will prove necessary. Red can be a difficult colour to match because there are so many different shades of red. So, it might be necessary to go for a black shoe in this instance, because black goes with everything, or perhaps a skin-coloured or nude shoe so as not to clash. For a Bohemian look, you might consider going without shoes altogether. With a long dress, it would be unlikely to attract much attention.

Interestingly, there are probably more shades of yellow than any ofter colour, and the reverse for purple. So, that is something to bear in mind. Not that you see many purple shoes. Now that would be a bold look. Bolder than most people would perhaps want to consider.


In summary, female foot fashions always balance the precarious with the practical in achieving the look likely to trend. In contrast, male fashions never fail to deal with comfort and practicalities, with the brogue covering both formal occasions and those more casual. Brogues may not quite offer the convenience of the casual slip-on loafer but they offer flexibility in terms of the occasions they are suitable for, once you have worn them in. The loafer will offer comfort and convenience to both genders, with ladies able to go for some extra heel height, if preferred. As far as shoe colours go, it is about following the trends in clothing and then making sure a shoe is not completely out of place.

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