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What To Wear for A Summer Staycation?

Summer is around the corner, and with it comes many outdoor activities-like hiking, horseback riding, and even boating. With all of these different ways to stay active, it’s important to enjoy the outdoors in style. If we’re headed to the beach, should we dress for the occasion? Wear something that will keep us cool on those hot days-and comfortable in our clothes. Some great options include light, breathable, long-sleeve shirts for those early-morning hikes, a pair of light, tight-fitting shorts for a bike ride, and a loose-fitting, long-sleeve shirt for a day in the sun.

Different Summer Outfit for Summer Staycation

Summer fever has hit, and it’s only just begun! We don’t care for the cold weather, but even we can admit that the late spring and early summer months are the best time for a vacation. And, as long as we have a reliable wardrobe staple, we can be ready for whatever the warm weather throws at us. Here are a few summer staycation outfit ideas that are comfortable and stylish. These outfits are perfect for the hot summer days and nights when you don’t want to spend all your time sweating and, lest we forget, having to wear more clothes.

  1. A Sexy Date Night Outfit

Summer is here, and there is no better thing to wear than a sexy date night outfit. We can lay out all our new clothes, so we look like a 10 and still look like we look good. Our outfits will make someone’s day: our husbands, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our date. You can try a leather skirt and pair it with a lace tank top to create a sexy date night outfit. To enhance the looks, you can wear heels or boots along with some basic jewelry.

  1. Outfit that Tie Dye from Head to Toe

Every summer, we always want to have a plan. We are always wondering how we’re going to stay cool without breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways to stay cool without avoiding the sun and spending tons of money, and one of the easiest ways is to tie-dye our clothing. It’s fun and easy to do, and it won’t cost you a thing.

  1. Tropical Prints to Channel Island Vibes

This summer staycation, let’s stop wearing our favorite tropical prints if we want to channel island vibes on our next trip to paradise. Tropical prints aren’t just a fashion statement. They have a host of benefits, such as providing natural UV protection and helping us to look our best. They also increase our self-esteem, making us feel beautiful and showing that we have a carefree and fun personality.

  1. Bucket Hats

In my opinion, a bucket hat is a really fun and stylish way to add a little personality to your outfit or even a little whimsy to your look. Bucket hats have a long history of use, dating back to ancient times. The bucket hat’s popularity has recently been rekindled in the fashion world, thanks to some amazing designers who have been creating new and creative bucket hat designs.

  1. Leggings and White Sneakers

Although we see many women (and men) wearing white sneakers and leggings this summer, we don’t typically see them together. Leggings are an easy go-to for an outfit, and we know most people don’t wear them with anything else… BUT we also know that a little of our personality and style will come out in our outfits. This summer, why not try wearing both white sneakers and leggings together?

  1. Graphic Tees and Sweatshirts

Graphic tees are popular, above all, because they’re so easy to wear. It’s a big, bold statement that we make with our clothing, and we don’t have to be fashion experts to do it. We can pull off a graphic tee, whether it’s completely random or has some meaning behind it, and we can wear it with anything. It can be something representative, or it can just be vibes from head to toe. You could be dressed in a relaxing cat sweatshirt and flower-print shorts, with a positive vibes bracelet from Rastaclat or some other chill brand. Either way, there are no rules for summer clothes, so do what comes naturally to you.

  1. Comfortable Footwear

After planning the outfit we will wear this summer, it is time to choose comfortable footwear to fit our summer attire perfectly. A pair of flip-flops or a pair of sandals are the most comfortable footwear to wear during summer.

Summer is here, and you can finally forget about those chunky booties or bulky jackets! It’s time to finally turn your back on those dark, fusty winter outfits and transform them into summer-ready outfits.

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